Franck Betermin  
One of my favorite photographers.----- Concarneau, France.

Chris Eckman

Producer, engineer, mixer, composer, musician and Glitterbeat label boss. Producer of 5 of my records, mixer of Proof of a Promise 2010, and collaborater on just about all the rest. Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Jack Endino 

Producer, engineer, mixer, musician. Bassist with me (along with Chris Adams-drums) from 1984 band in The Ones. Seattle, WA. 

John Bosch

Producer, filmmaker, musician, writer, editor/sound designer/mixer. Film maker for The Long Draw EPK and Long Draw video. Brooklyn, NY.

Froggy Bottom Guitars

Individually handcrafted steel string guitars built in Vermont by Michael Millard and team. I've been playing a 6-string (now on my 2nd) since the mid 70's. I've recently purchased a magnificent 12-string and I couldn't be happier. Truly wonderful guitars.

Studio Du Faune

Located just west of Rennes (Brittany France), we recorded The Long Draw here.  Bob Coke had worked here many times before and had strong recommendations for the analog gear and large recording room.  A quiet countryside, rustic atmosphere and indeed truly great sounding tubed amplifiers, preamps and a great microphone selection are a big reason that The Long Draw sounds so good.  Fairly priced with beds and a kitchen for extended stays.  HIghly recommended.  English is spoken.

Sono Records Studio

Sono records is quite simply, one of the best recording musical studios in Europe. Because of its location in The Czech Republic, it can offer very competitive rates, compared to studios of a similar quality in the rest of Europe and the U.S.A.  Residential complex, cozy restaurant and bar, a wonderful positive recording atmosphere, great gear and fantastically talented engineers in Milan Cimfe and Paval Karlik means that your session will have the absolute best possible chance of success.  The Long Draw was mixed and mastered here (plus Old Hand from from 1999 in Sono's first location).

Fine Resophonic Guitars

Mike Lewis has been a Godsend for me here in Paris by helping me keep my 1932 Dobro in good physical playing condition.  It's not an easy thing to do either.  I'm not sure anybody else in France understands resophonic instruments as thoroughly as Mike does.  He also builds beautiful instruments played by many well known professionals. He even makes his own cones!  Located just on the outskirts of Paris.
Another fine craftsman and builder of beautiful guitars, Alain does all my 6 and 12-stirng repair and set up. Alain has a long list of folks waiting to get his instruments and his time for repair work is limited but for the real professional musician this man IS the best in Paris.

Tornado Alley
The official Terry Lee Hale fan page.  Discography, lyrics, tablature and various articles and writings saved from the old TLH web page.  Organized and cared for in Italy by long time friend and webmaster Stefano Dainese.