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Terry Lee Hale’s new album The Long Draw is here!  An album of short stories, it’s like Raymond Carver’s “Short Cuts” but framed with music. A travelogue filled with the vagaries of American lives. This is not typical Americana fare though. These songs are strong and deep where our resources lay. Simple production and arrangements only point vaguely towards traditions or style. There is no detracting from the clear, unrelenting drama of the albums 8 songs and their characters. Stories of America written by an American who no longer lives there. This records is not: 45 minutes of feedback, inane repetitive choruses, gauze tissued, a reason to stay in bed or not go to work. The Long Draw is all about songs. Stories. A songwriter and a vision shaped by a life of travel, adventure, wandering and searching. A journey not ended.

News Feed:

January 9-

Proposed 16 song set list for The Long Draw Band Tour:

High Noon
Long Draw
The Sad Ballad of Muley Graves
What She Wrote
Black Forest Phone Call
Gypsy's Minor Swing
L.A. 9th & Grand
3 Days
The Central
She Makes Me
Bad Luck Hand
Short Chain
Gold Mine

January 3-

Welcome to 2014 everybody.  I'm happy 2013 is gone.  I'm feeling great already in the new year.  I hope it is the same for you!  

December 28-

It was a good year for music.  Of course being able to add my own release to the others has been fantastic.  I'm a very lucky man and I know it.  I've been checking out some of the other Best Of lists and not much what i've included here seems to be elsewhere.  I guess that's ok.  It's what makes the music world go around.  I'd be interested to hear your feedback if you'd care to drop me a line.  Or send me your list if you want.  I'm always open to hearing great music!

Best of 2013
Favorite albums:
Neko Case: "The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You"
Favorite song: Matt Elliot- "Reap What You Sow"
Favorite Concert: Mark Lanegan Band @ Alhambra, Paris
Favorite discovery: The Staple Singers “ Great Day”
Bill Callahan - "Dream River"
Guy Clark - "My Favorite Picture of You"
Dirt Music - "Troubles"
Chris Eckman - "Harney County"
Eels- "Wonderful, Glorious"
Daughn Gibson - "Me Moan"
The National - "Trouble Will Find Me"
Tamikrest - "Chatma"
Laura Viers - "Warp & Weft"
Neko Case - “The Worse Things Get…”

This record is almost otherworldly for me.  Sounds flying in and out, impossibly lush and beautiful.  It’s no surprise to me to know that Tucker Martine had his mixing hand in this recording (as he does in Laura Viers record as well.  Have a listen to my own Shotgun Pillowcase CD for another great example of his work).  Neko Case is doing the heavy lifting.  Her writing seems to perfectly balances the “I” and the “me” if that makes sense.  A step outside of self-absorption yet still personal. Revealing but not all syrupy heart-on-your-sleeve confessional (ala Alanis Morrisette for example).  Neko Case is a writer’s writer.  I find her songs fascinating, insightful, intellectually challenging and soulful. Great production top to bottom, excellent musicianship and each song framed perfectly in its place.  Forthright and honest songwriting coupled with a strong and clear woman’s voice.  The album is not too long, the drummer stays away from the cymbals and the production is stellar.  Really a winning combination here. I think this record is fantastic.  And I wish that I could make a record with this musician yes I do. 

December 27-
Please note: January 24th, Auster Club show in Berlin is CANCELED.  My apologies.

December 19-

Here comes my one Christmas song.  Maybe I should add another? Perhaps next year. "Christmas in the Chapel" for your listening pleasure.

November 25-
Check out the shows page, German dates announced - mostly with The Long Draw Band - plus a Prague gig.

October 31-
Finally the Terry Lee Hale webstore is up and running.  Click on the the Shop button above and it will take you directly to our site.  I've added a The Blue Room (digital and CD), Frontier Model (digital), Wilderness Years (digital),  the Tunnel Tree limited edition single and all the various formats for The Long Draw (digital, CD and LP).  All prices include shipping.  We have a company that handles all the money transactions and whatever denomintion you want to use.  We don't have your credit card information here and don't even see it.  We DO handle the mailing though and we're pretty fast in getting them posted right away.  Check it out when you have time.  Buying my music in this way is a great way to show your support and much apprecaited.

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